Caledon Ontario is one of the most spacious and natural places to call home surrounding the Toronto area, and this makes it a very sought-after location.

Whether you are looking for a more relaxed place to spend your evenings after working in the city, or you’re simply trying to find an area where you can comfortably house your horses, there are plenty of things to love about Caledon Ontario.

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario

This spacious region is known for its generously sized lots, beautiful homes and more reasonable housing prices than many other communities local to Toronto.  

Living in Caledon

Caledon is really the fusion of the best of both worlds. Enjoy the cultured city on day trips and head into the city for business, but come back home to a more natural beauty. Caledon is known for its Farmer’s markets, its hiking trails, it’s beautiful natural conservation areas and its hunting and fishing.

It’s a good place to play outdoor sports and a relaxed area to raise a family. This community is really a community made up of smaller sub-communities, and you can enjoy everything that each of them has to offer.

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Housing in Caledon

Caledon housing is mostly made up of single-family homes spread out throughout the area, but there is a small number of condos available as well. Houses in the area are reasonably priced for being so close to the Toronto area, and homes are generally upscale and well-maintained in most of the surrounding communities. 

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Homes

Single Family Homes

Most of the property throughout Caledon and surrounding communities is made up of single family houses. These houses range in cost dramatically, starting off at in the 300’s and going up to more than $4.0M. Though it’s possible to purchase a 2-bedroom and 1 bath home, most offer at least 3-bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Square footage ranges from 1500 sqft. to upwards of 5,000 sqft. and you can really get whatever you are looking for in this region.

Choose a property carefully and you can really take advantage of the ample space and natural beauty that the area is so well known for. 

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Though most of the housing in the Caledon area is made up of single-family homes, there is a small collection of condos to choose from as well.

Professionals looking for smaller and more affordable spaces can pick from a range of one or two-bedroom condos throughout the Caledon area.

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Condos

These spaces often feature shared yards and relaxed communities and they generally have lower prices than the single-family homes throughout the community. For a professional that wants to remain in commuting range of Toronto, a Caledon condo is a decent investment.

They typically range from 800 sqft. To 1600 sqft. in size, offering ample living space. 

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The Caledon School System

To families looking to move to the Caledon area, the school system is a very important feature of the area. Caledon is home to elementary, middle and secondary schools. There are public and private options as well, and most areas are serviced by a reputed school or two.

Residents enjoy local school systems with short commutes, and Caledon is a good location to raise children overall. It’s a low crime area and generally considered to be one of the safest communities surrounding Toronto. 

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Schools

Restaurants in Caledon

Caledon has a wide range of restaurants for every diet, taste, and appetite. 


If Italian is your thing, you’ll love the food offered at the Terra Cotta Inn, or at Casamici in Bolton. The Villa Caledon Inn is another location to go and get high-quality Italian food. Pizza is close by to most communities, making it easy to order out. 

Start the Day in a Café

To get the day started pick and choose from locations like Naked Café and the Coffee Bean Café & Grill. These locations are known for their excellent breakfast, delicious coffee and warm atmospheres. 

Fine Dining

Though Caledon isn’t exactly a city, it features a wide range of dining establishments, making it easy to get your hands on Japanese, Italian, Asian, and Canadian cuisine. There are several places to get good pizza and of course there are some fast-food locations as well. 

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Restaurants


Sushi is a popular delicacy in Caledon and you can go to Inaka, Hama Sushi, Sushi Date or Ume Sushi to enjoy a nice bite to eat. Each of these locations are known for their good food and high quality of service. Most of them are located in Bolton for easy access. 

Canadian Cooking

For more standard Canadian meals, take a look at locations like Rays Bistro Bakery, Cheeks Homemade Burgers, The Church Public Inn and Millcroft Inn Restaurant. These locations are known for offering excellent grilled foods, American dishes, Canadian meals and home-style cooking. Enjoy steaks, braised beef, tenderloin and other delicious meals at these establishments. 

Activities and Entertainment

Caledon may be a rural location, but it’s filled with exciting possibilities and there’s always something to do. Whether you want to connect with nature, experience some entertaining outdoor sports, dig through the local shops or even take in some art or a theatre performance, there’s a great deal for you to enjoy about Caledon. 

Art and Theatre

Art and culture are thriving throughout Caledon and its surrounding communities. Art galleries are regularly put on and changed through at the Alton Mills Arts Centre. The building is home to a heritage museum, a café and a collection of shops as well.

Alton Mills Arts Centre

There are additional art studios and galleries throughout Caledon, giving art enthusiasts plenty to see on a visit to the area. Caledon is also home to two theatres that offer different plays during the year. Take in the stunning live performances all throughout the year. There’s also a big art festival held in Headwaters every year, including an art show, an art sale, literature readings, live concerts and more. 

A Place for Leisurely Sports

Whether you enjoy a round of golf, a horseback ride through a green trail, or a calm cycle ride through the countryside, Caledon is the place to be if you enjoy a laid-back sport that takes advantage of nature.

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Horseback Riding

There are thousands of horse trails throughout the area, and just as many locations to take a bike. Explore the countryside and enjoy some of the nicest recreation opportunities that Caledon has to offer. The Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness offers a climbing wall, a skate rink, a squash court and much more to keep you busy. 

Quality Shopping Experiences

Head into Bolton for some decent shopping during the day. With several shops on a single strip and several other stores and shops throughout the area, you can keep yourself busy with a day spent wandering around Bolton and exploring all that it has available. Caledon East is rich with gourmet food stores and makes a fun escape when you’re searching for those hard to find ingredients. 

Explore the Natural Beauty of Caledon

Caledon is a beautiful area covering more than 700 square kilometres. It’s home to many trail systems, conservation areas, parks and beautiful little natural settings. Whether you want to boat, hike, bike, ride on horseback or just wander around the local communities, there is a lot of natural beauty to explore in Caledon. 

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Nature

Learn to Ride or Fly

Home to some of the best equestrian schools in all of Ontario and also a leading flight centre, Caledon is a great place to pick up new skills. The Teen Ranch offers a range of summer camps across its 150 acres of land. There are activities throughout the year and children can get acquainted while learning how to ride them well. 

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Brampton Flight Centre

The Brampton Flight Centre is one of the top flight training schools in all of Canada. If you’re hoping to learn how to fly, you’ll love having this training area close by. Take a group or individual flying tour to explore all the local sights, or start taking lessons to learn how to fly all on your own. 

The Communities of Caledon

Caledon is really a cluster of smaller communities, and you can’t get to know the area without taking the time to get to know all the little communities. There are urban sections, a


Bolton is the main urban hub of Caledon and is home to approximately 30,000 people. It offers the best shopping, dining opportunities and the only large hotel in all of Caledon. Visitors can enjoy a luxurious stay in the Hampton Inn and Suites, and there are plenty of other amenities to take advantage of in the Bolton area. 

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The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Cheltenham

Cheltenham is a lovely historic community in Caledon named after the first settler in the area. Peak through the general story, and look at the beautiful stone structures still standing in the area. Spend your night in beautiful Bed and Breakfast at the top of the hill while connecting with the charm of the area. 

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Another little historic community, Alton is set up alon the banks of Shaw’s Creek. It features a small village centre, some small shops and a relaxing community atmosphere. 

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Palgrave is one of the favourite sections of Caledon for equestrian enthusiasts. The are is made up of a lovely trail system, a small village area, some cafes and a restaurant. You can experience one of the best annual equestrian events here, or enjoy some riding yourself. 

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Terra Cotta

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario

Set up along the banks of Credit River, Terra Cotta is a beautiful historic village that offers fine dining, and it borders along the Terra Cotta Conservation. Take in beautiful wildlife sights, enjoy some fine hiking trails and enjoy this section of Caledon during all the seasons of the year. 

Surrounding Communities

Celadon is a region made up of smaller communities, but it’s also bordered by some high quality communities worth visiting. Get to know the surrounding communities that you can rely on when you want something more than what Celadon has to offer. 


Brampton is a city nearby to Caledon and one of the most populous cities in Ontario behind just a few in the area. It’s home to a huge selection of shops, and also a lovely place to visit to take in concerts, sporting events and to experience special annual events that are regularly occurring in the region.

The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Brampton

If you’re looking for a major city to go shopping that’s closer than Toronto, Brampton is the place to go. It’s convenient to the Celadon area and it offers a good job market as well. 


Orangeville is a relaxed suburban area just a short drive from Caledon. It’s home to over 35 different parks and hosts a range of fun events throughout the year. Take a look at the event calendar to find out about different entertainment opportunities throughout the year. During the heat of the summer, you can enjoy one of the many splash pads that are open to the public throughout the day. Orangeville is also home to some of the nicest ice skating rinks in the area that can be found at several of the area’s parks. 


The Best Guide To Living In Caledon Ontario Toronto Image

Though it’s nearly an hour away, Toronto is always readily available and rich with entertainment, shopping and dining opportunities. It’s home to a range of sports facilities, features an impressive zoo, has a plentiful trail system and offers a huge range of job opportunities to locals looking for convenient work options. 

Caledon Ontario is a beautiful place to live and one of the most natural areas to call home that’s still within commuting distance of Toronto. It’s not the cheapest location to live, but it is known for its safety and for its long list of amenities. Caledon is a community of communities, and once you’re familiar with the area there’s always something to see or do.

Check out one of the local condos or single family homes and see if you can find a property that’s right for you and your family. Enjoy relaxed natural living out in the country, and head back into local Brampton or Toronto when you want to enjoy fine dining, excellent shopping experiences or for work. 




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